Shangri-La Boutique Promotions Terms & Conditions

A. General Terms & Conditions

  1. The general Shangri-La Boutique service terms and conditions (“General Terms”) apply to all promotional offers below, with the additional promotional terms and conditions below (“Promotional Terms”) (together, the “Terms & Conditions”), as updated from time to time by us in our discretion. For full General Terms, please visit
  2. Customers are advised to read and understand the Terms and Conditions before participating in any of our campaigns and / or promotions.
  3. The Promotions Terms & Conditions is written in the English language and may be translated into other languages. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the translated version of the Terms & Conditions, the English version shall prevail.
  4. For enquiries or assistance, please contact Shangri-La Boutique Customer Service at +65 3 138 3853.

B. 20% Off Member-Exclusive Promotion

Promotion: 20% off payments (excluding with Shangri-La Circle points) for any one order
Promotional period: From 28 April 2022 to 30 April 2023
Eligibility: Active Shangri-La Circle members
How to enjoy the promotion: Input the coupon code into the coupon code field when checking out

  1. Promotion is valid for all Shangri-La Circle members making a purchase on Shangri-La Boutique (URL :
  2. Customers must log-in into their Shangri-La Circle account on Shangri-La Boutique to enjoy this promotion.
  3. To enjoy the promotion, you must insert the coupon code on the checkout page .
  4. Any payment (or a portion of payment) made using Shangri-La Circle points do not qualify for this promotion.
  5. Each member can enjoy the promotion once only in each region. For example, a member can enjoy this promotion once in Hong Kong, once in Singapore, and also once in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).
  6. This promotion is valid for all products and vouchers, except for cash vouchers, dining tickets, wellness tickets and event tickets.
  7. This promotion may be subject to additional terms and conditions set out by the Retailers. Please check with the Retailers for details.
  8. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, promotions or coupon codes unless expressly provided otherwise.

C. Shangri-La Boutique Redemption Competition

Competition: Shangri-La Circle (“SLC”) members may compete to be one of the top 450 SLC points redeemers on Shangri-La Boutique ("SL Boutique") to win a prize
Promotion Period: 00:00 (Hong Kong time) 1 Aug 2023 until 23:59 (Hong Kong time) 31 October 2023
Eligibility: SLC Members who spend SLC points on Shangri-La Boutique
Results Announcement: On or before 30 November 2023
How to enjoy the promotion:

  1. Participation and General Mechanics
    1. The competition is organized by Infinite Rainbow Limited (“Company”).
    2. By taking part in this competition, participants confirm that they agree and accept all the terms and conditions of the activity. If there is a violation of these terms, the Company has the right to cancel a participant’s participation or disqualify him or her from winning any prizes and reserves the right to pursue legal action for any breach of these terms or behavior that disrupts this activity.
    3. To maintain fairness, employees of all Shangri-La companies and their family members shall not be allowed to participate.
    4. This competition counts all SLC points redeemed for valid orders from the same SLC account on SL Boutique from any market during the promotion period, whether the points are used partially or solely as a payment method. A valid order is an order that has been successfully paid for and has not been refunded or returned before the announcement of the results. The Company may consider a refunded or returned order if it is for service recovery reasons and has been approved by the Company.
    5. The competition is valid for purchases made at all SL Boutique locations, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Taipei.
    6. During the competition period, SLC members from around the world can redeem retail products or event tickets on SL Boutique from any market using SLC points. At the end of the competition, prizes will be awarded to the top 450 SLC accounts with the highest number of SLC points redeemed, regardless of the account owner's country or location of residency.
  2. Prizes
    1. The top 450 SLC accounts with the highest number of SLC points redeemed will be awarded prizes as follows:
      • 1st place: one Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi 256 GB
      • 2nd place: one Samsonite MINTER Spinner 69cm/25inch
      • 3rd place: one Nintendo Switch Console
      • 4th place: one Air Pods Pro
      • 5th place: one Polaroid Now+ i-Type Instant Camera
      • 6th-50th: one US$ 30 equivalent SL Boutique cash voucher per winner*
      • 51st-450th: one US$ 15 equivalent SL Boutique cash voucher per winner *
      *Cash voucher has a minimum spending requirement. Please refer to the voucher for more information.
    2. If a customer is required to amend, exchange, return, or refund an order that has been paid for partially or solely with points by the end of the competition, they will not be eligible to participate in this competition unless it is for service recovery reasons and has been approved by the Company.
    3. The Company makes no representations, warranties or undertakings whatsoever as to any implied terms or conditions with respect to this activity and any of the prizes.
    4. To the greatest extent possible under applicable law, the Company shall not be liable for any damages, loss or inconvenience for any matter arising out of or in connection with this activity and the prizes, and each participant agrees to indemnify and hold the Company harmless from and against any and all claims, damage, losses, costs or expenses suffered or incurred by the Company in relation to the activity or the prizes.
  3. Arrangement of 1st-5th prizes:
    1. The Company will contact the winning SLC members via their SLC registered email at the end of the competition on or before 30 November 2023.
    2. SLC members who win 1st to 5th place in the competition will be asked to provide a shipping address for delivery purposes and the Company will arrange a registered delivery to that address with no charge on delivery fee.
    3. Post office mailbox addresses will not be accepted. If a winner is unable or fails to provide a shipping address within 14 days from the date the first email is sent by the Company, they will be considered to have forfeited the prize.
    4. The Company will provide a tracking number to the winner once the parcel is sent out. Participants agree that the Company has fulfilled all responsibilities in the competition at that point in time, regardless of whether the shipment is fulfilled or not due to foreseen or unforeseen circumstances.
    5. Once a prize has been awarded to an eligible SLC member, any orders paid for partially or solely with points cannot be refunded or returned.
    6. All prizes are non-returnable, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  4. Arrangement of 6th-450th prizes:
    1. The voucher is applicable to any items on Shangri-La Boutique, including Retail and Hot Food, except Event section.
    2. This voucher value and the start of validity date are stated in the email sent to its recipient. Regardless of the start date, all vouchers will expire on 31st Mar 2024; inclusive of 31st Mar 2024.
    3. This voucher can only be redeemed for any single transaction that meets the required minimum spend after deducting Shangri-La Circle points on Shangri-La Boutique in the region/country stated only.
    4. Any unredeemed voucher after the redemption period is invalid and cannot be renewed.
    5. The promo code must be applied during check out.
    6. Should there be any excess amount after the deduction of voucher, customer may either pay with SLC Points, or credit card.
    7. Only the amount paid with cash or with credit card are entitled to SLC points.
    8. This voucher can be redeemed once only; it cannot be reproduced, copied, or sold.
    9. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, promotion, privilege, or voucher.
    10. This voucher is non-replaceable, non-refundable, and not exchangeable for cash in part or whole.
    11. Cash voucher has a minimum spending requirement as below.
      Region Prize Voucher Type (USD) Voucher Value in Local Currency Minimum Spend in Local Currency
      Hong Kong 6th-50th 30 240 1600
      51st-450th 15 120 800
      Singapore 6th-50th 30 40 300
      51st-450th 15 20 150
      Kuala Lumpur 6th-50th 30 140 950
      51st-450th 15 70 500
      Taipei 6th-50th 30 920 6500
      51st-450th 15 460 3000
  5. Other terms and conditions
    1. The Company reserves the right to terminate or modify the competition, mechanics of the competition, or these terms and conditions at any time without notice.
    2. The Company's decisions on all matters related to the activity will be final and binding. No correspondence will be entertained.
    3. SL Boutique's general terms and conditions shall apply to this activity and shall be incorporated by reference into these terms and conditions. Please visit for more information.
    4. Shangri-La Circle’s terms and conditions (available at: shall apply to this activity and be incorporated by reference into these terms and conditions.
    5. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese language versions of these terms and conditions, the English language version shall prevail.
    6. Any collection, use and disclosure of participants’ personal data will be strictly in accordance with the Company’s privacy policy (available at
    7. These terms and conditions shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong SAR.

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